Gannel Estuary & Crantock Walk

This Newquay Walk takes around 3 to 4 hours.

This Newquay walk is recommended for low tide only, so please check tide times when planning. This is a beautiful walk which takes you from the lovely Trenance Gardens through the Gannel Estuary and over to Crantock Beach, followed by a circular return bringing you back to the Boating Lake and Trenance Gardens.

Beginning at the car park at Trenance Gardens by the Heron Tennis club, cross the road and follow the footpath heading toward and under the viaduct until you reach a pedestrian crossing. Cross the road and continue through the amazingly well kept gardens and down toward Trenance Cottages. At the end cross the road at the Zebra Crossing and over toward more gardens and the Boating Lake, where you will also find the Lakeside Cafe.

From the end of the Boating Lake, cross over at the pedestrian crossing and then walk keeping to the pavement to the next junction on the left into the old Gannel Road. Continue down here until you find a small car park and a slip way, then continue down the slip way and on along the Gannel Estuary. As you follow the river down you will find a small foot bridge on which to cross the river at low tide (if you can’t find the bridge then the chances are the tide is covering it), cross the bridge to the other side. You now have 2 choices:

i) Continue ahead toward the right hand corner as far as you can go (known as Penpol Creek) where you will find a road leading up hill and out of the Estaury known as Penpol Hill, see map. Roughly half way up you can rejoin the coastal path.

ii) Once across the foot bridge look toward the cliff point to your diagonal right and you will see a small steppage in the rock. Climb up here carefully and continue along the coastal path.

Follow the coastal path down to Beach Road and continue up into the village where you will find a small shop, post office and 2 pubs The Cornishman (formerly The Seagull Inn) and the Old Albian. At the top of Beach Road turn right into Gustory Road and then right onto West Pentire Road and follow this until you reach The Bowgie Inn, a great place for lunch, yum!

From here you can explore Polly Joke Bay and then head along the coastal path through the nature reserve down onto Crantock Beach and continue on along the beach and back up the Gannel Estuary, across the foot bridge and back through Trenance Gardens to the starting point.

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