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Learn to surf in Europe’s Surfing Capital with Newquay Surfing Schools. There is no better place to find a school to learn to surf with some of the best surf schools around, and with a wealth of schools and very talented world class school instructors to choose from, you are sure to get off to the best start possible in what is sure to be an excellent life changing experience with our surfing schools. As they say "it’s not just a sport, it’s a way of life". Enjoy!…

Learn to Surf with a Newquay Surf School

Learn with a Newquay surf school with some of Europe’s most talented surfing instructors in the world today. Receive world class tuition on learning to surf through these excellent newquay surfing schools, and change your life forever as you begin to master your surfboard:

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Newquay surf schools will introduce you to the source that has taken many people’s minds and souls to a new horizon. Many of the school instructors you will find in these surf schools have been surfing at competitive level and in many cases taken the ultimate prize. These newquay surfing schools will open your mind to learn one of the most enjoyable and rewarding adrenalin fueled sports available in the world of water sports, and it is yours to enjoy to whatever school level suits you best. Whatever level you decide to aspire to in the world of surfing, use a school, be safe, stay healthy, don’t take risks, and enjoy every moment of it!

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