Newquay, Newquay, Newquay!

Welcome to Newquay, Newquay, Newquay – the British California!

Why come to Newquay? Sun, sand, surfing, scenery, satisfaction, sensational!

Soak up the surfing culture in the UK’s surfing capital of Newquay, or enjoy playing or relaxing on ten different beaches, YES, TEN different beaches all of which are brushed by the purest Atlantic Ocean and not shipping lane water!

Discover Newquay’s beautiful countryside and amenities to satisfy any age or gender. Walking, cycling, running, hiking or touring there is an endless supply of amazing sights and places to see, reaped in a wealth of local history. Enjoy the pleasures of deep sea fishing, enjoy a delicious meal on the balcony overlooking miles of golden sand and Atlantic waves, relax with a drink in the sun as the cool ocean breeze cools your face, experience the Newquay beach life style by learning to surf, kite surf or body board, or go shopping, shopping, shopping for amazing local Newquay fashions.

Stop listening to the rubbish the press are saying about Newquay – they are just JEALOUS! We have it all, and you can enjoy it all too, so see you soon!

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