URGENT – Have Your Say

A planning application for a new Cycle Path to the rear of our properties is currently going through the planning committee, and we have until 29th March 2021 to do anything about it!

We only have a matter of days to get our input into this project and MUST act fast. A few people including myself believe that we won’t stop this from happening, as it is part of a mush bigger scheme surrounding Nansledan. However, the fact that they are going to destroy the Light Pollution Free area we currently enjoy to the rear of our properties is a big issue for us!

Val found this old Survey Map of the footpath

Sat 20th March Site Meeting – During the site meeting between a number of residents and Councillor Kevin Towill the following issues were raised:

  1. The lack of consultation and apparent attempt to ‘slip’ this through unnoticed, and that we were only officially contacted after one resident unearthed what was due to happen.
  2. Lighting – they are proposing 5 METRE HIGH lamp posts along the rear of our properties, which will drown our gardens in light, when low level ‘pillar style’ lighting would more than suffice and not create the excessive light pollution that would invade our privacy and destroy the current dark ambience we enjoy.
  3. A severe lack of clarity as to exactly where fencing will be installed, the height of the fencing and how it will affect the rear of our properties.
  4. The introduction of anti-social behaviour to the rear of our properties, litter build up, potential vandalism and noise.
  5. How there was, and has been for a very long time, a public footpath or right of way running through the field for many years (apparently shown on previous survey maps) and then suddenly there isn’t? What happened to it, how did it suddenly cease to exist?
  6. That we want to have a proper site meeting with planners to discuss with clarity exactly what they intend to do, and so we can convey what we think needs changing.
  7. Kevin Towill is going to meet with the planning officer Gemma Dunn on Friday 26th March to convey the results of our meeting.

UPDATE – 29/03/2021

Kevin Towill sent an email stating:

Just to update you and others on the first of a series of meetings between Gemma Dunn and myself last Friday.
We jointly agreed that the satisfactory plans for lighting must be submitted and agreed before the planning application is progressed as many plans are given approval on the condition that there is adequate lighting arrangements, however in this case this is obviously unacceptable because it is so central to the concerns of the neighbourhood.
Gemma is also looking at the other planning related issues that were raised at our meeting in the field, as all questions raised on the planning portal also as part of the public consultation will have to be addressed in the report before a planning decision is made by delegation or committee.
Gemma has said that she is taking the Easter period off and that she will not return until the 20th of April so things may go quiet over the next few weeks. I have however asked that we are kept up-to-date and informed of any answers or news, regarding this application.
As to the non-planning related questions such as right of access to the field et cetera, I will approach the relevant departments at Cornwall Council and report that back to you.
I will be back in touch as soon as I hear anything but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, feedback or if you hear any news or rumours yourself. I know when there is a period of silence people worry that they are being left in the dark when things are moving ahead, I can reassure you nothing will be happening until Gemma returns.