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For me the main issue is the installation of the 5 metre street lights causing unwanted and unnecessary light pollution to my back garden, when they could instead install ‘pillar’ style lighting that would keep the light at a lower level as not to invade our private space!

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  1. Yes the lights are a massive issue for us as well.
    Also who is responsible for the upkeep of the path as other similar paths in the area are full of dog and horse poo and overgrown stinging nettles etc?
    And whether the path will be fenced from both sides which will stop our access or just on the school side?
    Also anti social behaviour? will there be cctv and if not can we install our own to monitor our garden walls?
    I just think it is a massive waste of money for such a short path and having 2 children at the school i’m sure it could be used for something that would benefit the students more.
    We received letters a couple of years ago asking us not to use our back gates (which we have used ever since we have lived here) and i wrote back to Tretherras saying that i only used it to walk my 2 young children back from school on a safer route than the main road. I was told that the main road was perfectly safe enough and extensive research had taken place to ensure that Henver Road and Trevenson Road were safe for pedestrians…..so why now are they using safety as a reason for the path?

    • Noise, unsociable behaviour, proposed height of lighting unacceptable. There is other means of lighting sunken into the tarmac. Maintenance off the banking which can be a potential fire hazard if not looked after. In all the 40 years I have lived in my property overlooking the school fields up until recently there has been public accessibility from down by the side of the vets on Henver Road. If the school has had a grant surly they can find better ways of using it than this waste of funds on a cycle Path when there is one already in place on Henver Road.

  2. I object to the proposed installation of 5m folded lights along the cycle path very close to the back walls of our gardens. I note paragraph 1.11.5 of the Design and Access Statement, which states that the proposed path lighting will cause “some limited further impact”, with “minimal ” light spill at night, and a “low adverse” assessment of disruption.
    This assessment of the proposed lighting’s impact is inaccurate. On raised sections of the row, where the gardens are at least 1.5m above the height of the path, the proposed 5m lighting will be less than 2 metres above eyeline. At that height, the impact of the light spill will be similar in its effect to someone shining a torch directly across the gardens and into bedroom windows. The disruption this will cause will be significant.
    During this process, the senior management team at Tretherras have had ample opportunity to consult with their closest neighbours. The fact that they have not taken the trouble to do so betrays a degree of arrogance and contempt for common decency that is most disappointing. I am concerned for the quality of education at the school if those, in whom we entrust the care and education of our children, cannot set a better behavioural example than this.

  3. My biggest concern is the lighting. Low level/ground lighting would be more suitable to avoid light pouring into our garden. Light pollution is an issue in all towns and cities and I would love see an effort to avoid adding to this problem.
    I understand that some trees in poor condition will be removed which is understandable. However for privacy reason I would like these trees replaced.
    I would also appreciate reassurance that the area will be maintained well and it established who is responsible for maintenance and dealing with antisocial behaviour.

  4. We have recently been made aware of the proposed cycle track by a neighbour who only found out due to reporting further antisocial behaviour issues to the school, we are all very disappointed that we were not shown the common decency of being alerted to this in any way shape or form, no notices have been posted anywhere in the vicinity nor has there been any correspondence other than following her contact with the school and this we received 12/3/21 having been dated 8/3/21. There is no acceptable reason as to why there has been no consultation with the affected residents other than the schools arrogance and probable intention to railroad this decision through!
    The issues we have remain the same as when we objected some 20 years ago, these being:
    Lighting pollution – the 5m lights are ridiculous and not required, if there is to be a track the lighting needs to be low level downlight to reduce the impact it will have on our houses which all face out across the area.
    Antisocial behaviour – this path will not be used for the intention it is being proposed for, particularly at night, a nice quite dry area leaves it self wide open for groups to gather and socialise and commonly to cause noise and upheaval. This is already an on-going situation which will worsen once youths are given a nice lit secluded place to gather in numbers and party. The amount of rubbish that they leave at times is already very upsetting.
    There is a perfectly good cycle track all the way along Henver Road which gives a good flow through of cyclers old and young, which cost thousands to put in place. My question is what makes you think they will leave this pathway (which is safe and overseen by surrounding properties) to ride down the side of the vets, on a narrow track, along the back of our houses to have to stop and wait at the side of a very busy road before progressing. Let alone the huge amount of money this development is going to cost for a track that won’t be used for the purpose it is being developed for, it will become a rat run for skate boards, scooters and possible mopeds and motorbikes going up and down causing a public nuisance.
    The ?3m high fence to be erected the field side of the track – why is this required? There is a historic public right of way across the field – the school have seen fit to over ride this – so the public are being excluded from a lovely large safe green field where young families with young children often play during the weekends and days in school holidays. If this is to go ahead why does it need to be as high, there is no 3m fencing anywhere else around the field.
    We have been informed this is because of safeguarding!!!! My feelings about this are – you plan to increase the amount of people riding along the back of our properties which is currently quite and secluded, this is clearly increasing the risk of unsavoury characters being able to observe and potentially take photos of young children in PE kits! And then to cross the road and do exactly the same along the side of a newly built primary school (when its finally completed) surely this in itself is a massive safeguarding risk?? There has historically been issues with a man doing this long the lane that goes up the side of Trenance primary School, and there was an historic court case regarding a man exposing himself to children at the bottom of the vets land on the field side
    There has very recently been a massive news story regarding a poor young lady getting murdered walking along a lit but secluded walkway – this walk way/cycle path will not always be safe.

  5. I wish to object, in the strongest terms, the Tretherras School’s proposal for a cycle path along the back of our houses on Henver Road. In my opinion, it will only encourage more antisocial behaviour than we are already having to cope with. If there are to be street lights, then this will be an invasion of our privacy. Obviously, there will also be instances of dog fouling, and littering, who will be responsible for the upkeep? I have seen a copy of the Ordnance Survey Map (1888-1913) for Newquay, and it clearly shows a public footpath running through the sports field. Why has that not been taken into consideration ? I completely agree with butlertb, regarding the problem of who will be responsible for the safety of those using the path ? It would be a perfect area for drug dealing and criminal activity. If there is a fence, and some innocent victim is attacked along the path, they will have no means of escape. ( A safeguarding issue surely) The path down the side of Treviglas School which, I imagine will be similar to what is planned for this path, is full of horse and dog excrement, and the residents who live along side of it have no end of problems with the noise and drug dealing. I walked along there yesterday, and found needles and condoms lying by the side of the path !
    When I moved here 20 years ago, there was a plan for a cycle path, but a few of the residents objected and thanks to their persistence, managed to turned the decision round. Why on earth is is raising its head again now ?
    I cannot think of one positive thing in favour of this cycle lane, especially as there is a perfectly good one already up and running on Henver Road.
    I feel we are at least entitled to a site meeting, and have all our feelings taken into consideration.

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